Sensory-Friendly Hours

Join Us for Sensory-Friendly Hours

Sensory hours are events that will provide a low-sensory experience scheduled for every second Saturday of the month from 8am-10am. These hours are made to allow guests that may be light and noise sensitive to be given the opportunity to play freely in a calmer environment.

To create a low-sensory experience, we will be reducing noise and lighting throughout the building. To further create a calm environment, limited reservations will be available for these events.

All Saturday events will be limited to 20 families, and each family has a maximum of 6 attendees. Sensory-friendly hours are free to members and the cost regular admission for ages 2 and up. Payment must be made at the time of booking.

Payment for reservation of Sensory-Friendly hours includes admission to Buckeye Imagination Museum during its regular hours of 10am-4pm if any participants would like to stay after the program time is over.

We hope that by offering these hours we will further promote inclusivity and diversity through the power of play!

Select an available Saturday below and complete the booking information.

Registration for this sensory-friendly event as closed.