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Gallery 2

The Blue Gallery

Bank Exhibit

Sponsored by Mechanics Bank

Children will enjoy sending balls back and forth in our pretend ATM machine and counting our colorful play money. Just don’t try using it anywhere else…

Pizzeria Exhibit

Sponsored by Donato’s

Who doesn’t like pizza? Practice baking your own pizza pie with all your favorite toppings and serving it up to family and friends.

Construction Exhibit

Sponsored by Adena Corporation

If your kids like to build or watch construction trucks, then they’ll enjoy the construction exhibit where they can construct a frame house of large foam blocks and pretend to drive a realistic Bobcat.

Fire Truck Exhibit

Sponsored by Hamilton Insurance Group, Inc.

Grab your firefighting gear, and put out fires in this large and realistic-looking fire truck!

COMING SOON: Water Table

Sponsored by Gorman-Rupp

We can’t wait…

Vet Exhibit

Sponsorship available

Have a passion for helping animals? Children will love imagining themselves as veterinarians and healing our many stuffed animals, from fluffy cats to colorful birds and cool reptiles.

Grocery Store Exhibit

Sponsored by the Richland County Health Department

Our grocery store exhibit is stocked with a variety of kids’ favorite foods. They’ll love pushing their own shopping carts and shopping for their favorite items or playing cashier.

Car Wash Exhibit

Sponsored by Hercules Express Wash

After a long trip, it’s nice to take your Little Tikes car through the car wash and get it shiny clean.

2 and Under Exhibit

Sponsored by the YWCA

Are you bringing your little ones to the museum who aren’t quite ready for the big kid exhibits? We have just the place for you. Our 2 and Under exhibit (disguised as the town’s traffic circle) has baby-friendly toys that are just their size.

Emergency Room & Pediatric Care Exhibit

Sponsored by OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s Hospital

For all the aspiring doctors, nurses, and EMTs, this pretend hospital is the perfect place! Ride in the ambulance, take x-rays, perform check-ups, and care for newborn babies.

Eye Doctor Exhibit

Sponsored by Ohio Eye

Visiting the eye doctor doesn’t have to be scary! Try it out for yourself in our eye doctor exhibit. Sit in a real eye doctor chair, read the eye charts, and try on some fancy new spectacles.

Theatre Exhibit

Sponsored by the Renaissance Performing Arts Association

At Buckeye Imagination Museum, every child can be a star! Watch your kids shine on stage, help out backstage, or work the box office.

McDonald's Exhibit

Sponsored by the Monica Family

Ever want to try cooking fries in a fryer or learn to flip patties like a Grill Cook? Our pretend McDonald’s lets kids serve up hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, and more.

Salon Exhibit

Sponsored by Studio 19 Salon and Spa

Take a seat in our salon chair. Your little stylist will love designing your new hairdo or giving you a pretend manicure.

Train Exhibit

Sponsorship available

Little (or big) conductors will love watching our trains chug around our giant train track. With authentic noises and landscapes, it’s easy to imagine you’re at the train station!

Police Station Exhibit

Sponsored by Modern Woodmen

Teach your children about traffic safety, and watch them hand out traffic tickets to any grown-ups not playing by the rules! Kids can also play FBI agent and finally catch that pesky bank robber.

Garden Exhibit

Sponsored by Kingwood Center Gardens

Does your child have an interest in helping with the garden? They will love planting and arranging flowers in this mini, play version of the famous Kingwood Center Gardens. There are even peacocks!

Dino Dig Exhibit

Sponsored by Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring

ROAR! Play paleontologist in our dino dig exhibit, and watch as kids uncover dinosaur bones.

Dentist Exhibit

Sponsored by Staker Dental

Open wide! Grown-ups can climb into the patient chair, while their young dental hygienists get to work on perfecting their pearly white smiles. Children can check in their “patients,” sit in a real dentist chair, and familiarize themselves with pretend dental tools.

Ice Cream Shop Exhibit

Sponsored by Dairy Land

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Serve up your favorite flavors of ice cream cones and popsicles in our pretend ice cream parlor.

Schoolhouse Exhibit

Sponsored by St. Peter’s School

It’s back to school! But this time, the kids get to rule the classroom! Let your child play teacher for the day in our contemporary Montessori-inspired schoolhouse. Pre-schoolers can get a sneak peek at what school might be like – turns out it’s not so scary after all.

House Exhibit

Sponsorship available

If you liked playing house growing up, you’ll wish you had this playhouse! Complete with a kitchen, table, washer and dryer, armchair, and baby doll bed, kids will enjoy pretending to cook, clean, and care for the household.

Post Office Exhibit

Sponsorship pending

Mail’s here! In the post office exhibit, children can sort and deliver mail by color all throughout the museum. The exhibit comes complete with postal worker uniforms, mail, and packages that need delivered all over our little town.

Farm Exhibit

Sponsored by Malabar Farm Foundation

Does your child love farm animals? Here children can pretend to be farmers and care for all kinds of (stuffed) farm animals from cows, to sheep, to chickens, and more. Collect chicken eggs, milk the cows, feed the pigs, and ride horses in our pretend farm exhibit!