Our Mission

Our Mission at Buckeye Imagination Museum Is...

to Provide Children and Families Opportunities to Learn and Discover Through the Power of Play.

By providing a safe and developmentally stimulating place to learn and play, Buckeye Imagination Museum helps children and families to connect, express themselves, and explore the world around them. At Buckeye Imagination Museum, we understand that exploration and play are critical to healthy child development. We know that play benefits children physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Studies have shown that play is critical in the healthy development of children. Play helps children to grow and enhance their creative problem-solving abilities, social skills, motor skills, and so much more! We also know that not every child gets the opportunity to play in a safe and creative environment. Buckeye Imagination Museum is proud to provide that opportunity. We do this through our hands-on, imagination-based exhibits and programming.

Our Vision at Buckeye Imagination Museum Is...

to be a regional center for child development by providing play-based, experiential exhibits and educational opportunities to parents and educators and to bring an impactful number of visitors to downtown Mansfield, creating an economic renaissance.

At Buckeye Imagination Museum, Our Core Values Are...

There are many different aspects to healthy child development. Our goal is to help fill the gaps that are often left behind by traditional public-school systems and shifts in society. In today’s world, schools are becoming more structured and states are raising their academic standards. Many art and music programs are at risk of being cut from the curriculum, along with physical education programs and recess time. Children are also under more pressure than ever to be “well-rounded” and actively participate in more than one extra-curricular. And with the technological advances that have occurred in the last few decades, when children do have free time, they are likely to spend it alone on a screen. We recognize that this is not fulfilling to healthy child development. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe space that encourages open-ended, self-directed play. This sparks imagination and inspires exploration. Our exhibits also contain components that encourage parent-child interaction, as we know that this is also critical to child development. Through the power of play, children develop crucial skills such as creative thinking skills, problem-solving skills, social skills (like sharing and communication), fine and gross motor skills, and more – all while having fun.

Buckeye Imagination Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; however, we operate under the belief that we must uphold the same standards and practices as a small business. It is our responsibility to function as a small business. To do this, we ensure that all decisions made exceed the standards of a good business and that all operating costs (utilities, rent, salaries, repair, maintenance, advertising, etc.) at the museum are covered by self-generated income through admissions and the sale of private parts. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility as a small nonprofit in Mansfield, Ohio to provide needed services to our community AND add to our local economy by maintaining a positive cash flow at all times.

Buckeye Imagination Museum strives to be an active participant in our community. We are constantly searching for new ways to further our mission and maintain our economic responsibilities as a small nonprofit. We firmly believe that meaningful collaboration is the key to accomplishing great things. It is our goal to be a preferred partner in all our relationships.

We care about our team members. While we hope that each of our team members enjoys what they do and are passionate about our mission, we also recognize that they have lives and interests outside of the job. We value their time and commitment to the organization, and, because of this, it’s important to us to foster an environment that is supportive to their needs, as well as the organization’s needs. We believe that, by encouraging a healthy work-life balance and a positive atmosphere, our team can lead more fulfilling, rewarding lives and be in a better, more positive, and more productive headspace when they are at work.

We understand that not all families can financially support trips to museums and other education and development centers. Children from disadvantaged households often have fewer educational and developmental opportunities. Sadly, these are the children who need these opportunities the most. Our goal is to reach these children and provide them with the opportunity to play and imagine in a safe and developmentally stimulating environment. We do this through several different financial accessibility and outreach programs.

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