Purple Room

The Purple Room

Purple is known as a more complex color, as it is a combination of fiery red and calming blue. Teenagers could be related to the color purple, as they’re going through a complex time in their lives where they’re learning who they want to be. So, in our Purple Room, otherwise known as “the big kid floor,” we’ve made almost all of our exhibits something no teenager can resist – competitive. When a child understands the concept of competition – especially against their adults – they feel a deep desire to beat their opponents. Not only does this make for great fun, but it is also helps to develop a sense of confidence, perseverance, willpower, and creative thinking – all key things needed in their futures!

Interactive Mini Golf

Sponsorship Available

Paper Airplane Shooters

Sponsored by the Schmidt Security

Interactive Floor Screen

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Big Games

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Make-It Space

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Peg Wall

Sponsored by the Mansfield School Employees Association

Laser Race

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6-Man Air Hockey

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Sponsored by the Sentec Systems

Rotating Rock Wall

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Kickboxing Zone

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