8 Easy & Educational Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Target Ball Toss

Items needed: Ball, Sidewalk Chalk


  1. Draw a target on the ground using sidewalk chalk.
  2. Write point amounts in each section. The closer you get to the center the more points you should get.
  3. Next, use your jump rope to create a line for you to stand behind.
  4. Try to toss the ball so that it lands in the target. Whoever gets the highest score wins! You can keep score on the ground right next to your

Pro tip: To make this game more challenging, try moving your starting line (the jump rope) back farther.

This activity promotes math skills, taking turns and motor skills.


ACTIVITY 2: Frisbee Lawn Toss

Items Needed: Frisbee, Ball, Jump Rope


  1. The game starts with someone throwing the sensory ball so it lands far away.
  2. Next, use your jump rope to create a line for you to stand behind.
  3. Participants will stand at the line and throw their frisbees one at a time with the goal of landing as close to the target (the sensory ball) as possible.
  4. If one of the participants manages to land a frisbee on top of the target, they automatically win the round and receive 1 point. If no one lands on the target, then whoever is closest wins 1 point.
  5. The first player to score 5 points is the winner of the game!

This activity promotes motor skills, counting and sharing.


ACTIVITY 3: Sight Word Twister

Items Needed: Sidewalk Chalk


  1. Using the chalk, make a twister board like the one shown above out of your child’s sight words (basic spelling words your child should recognize.)
  2. Call out a word and have your child place one of their hands or feet on the space that contains that word.
  3. See if they can “twist” until they have both hands and both feet on 4 different sight words at the same time! Have older siblings help out younger siblings, if needed (because one of the best ways to learn is to teach!)

Not sure what your child’s sight words should be? Check out https://www.sightwordsgame.com/sight-words-list/ for a helpful list.

This activity promotes reading comprehension and motor skills.


ACTIVITY 4: Helicopter Jump

Items Needed: Jump Rope


  1. Have a child hold onto one end of a jump rope and spin it around them, low to the ground, like a helicopter propeller.
  2. The other children must jump over the rope as it comes to them.
  3. If the rope hits their feet or they trip over it as they jump, they are out.
  4. The last child standing becomes the new helicopter!

This activity promotes coordination and cardiovascular health.


ACTIVITY 5: Bubble Boredom Busters

Items needed: Bubbles

Instructions: Try these bubble games with your new bubbles!

  • Blow bubbles and pop them using any body part except your hands!
  • Blow bubbles and try to catch them on your bubble wand. See how many you can catch at once before they pop!
  • Set up a target (like a hula hoop) and see if you can blow bubbles through it from across the yard.
  • See how many bubbles you can blow in one breath!
  • See how long you can keep a bubble in the air by blowing underneath it to keep it afloat!
  • Set up a start and finish line (you can use your jump rope for one of these.) Blow a bubble and see if you can blow that bubble all the way across the finish line!
  • What other bubble challenges can you come up with?

This activity promotes coordination and concentration.


ACTIVITY 6: Summer Drawing Challenge

Items Needed: Coloring Book, Crayons, your imagination!

Instructions: Here are some suggestions of fun things to draw! Can you draw them?

  • Your favorite animal
  • Your house (or dream house!)
  • You and your best friend
  • Your favorite summer activity
  • Your pet (or a pet you really want!)
  • A place you would like to visit
  • Your favorite fairy-tale/cartoon
  • You and your family
  • Your dream job
  • Your best memory!

When you’re done, have your grown-up post your pictures to Facebook and tag @littlebuckeyemansfield so we can see them!

This activity promotes creativity, imagination and fine motor skills.


ACTIVITY 7: Jump Rope Rhymes

Items needed: Jump Rope, your singing voice!


Ice Cream Soda Pop

Ice cream soda pop, Lemonade Punch,
Tell me the name of my honey-bunch! A, B, C, D …. (Jumpers keep jumping until they miss.)
Ice Cream soda pop, cherry on top
Who’s your best friend, I forgot! A, B, C, D ….


Cinderella, dressed in yella’,
Went downstairs to kiss a fella,
Made a mistake and kissed a snake.
How many doctors will it take?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ….

(Jumper continues as high as possible until they miss.)

This activity promotes coordination and cardiovascular health.


ACTIVITY 8: Play Dough Challenge

Items needed: Play Dough, your imagination!

Instructions: Can you make the below items out of Play Dough?

  • A cat or dog
  • The first letter in your name
  • A star
  • Your favorite food
  • The number “5”
  • Make your own challenge!

This activity promotes fine motor skills, literacy and creativity.

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